Choosing Job Sectors

When choosing a job, it’s important to consider everything that the role entails. Jobs may cover a range of types of work or they may require one fairly consistent type, with just an occasional break for the norm. For this purpose, you should only consider the type of work regularly involved with the role. For example, in a small pub, as a sales assistant in a shoe shop, you might be required to answer the phone and make calls to other branches to check stock, but that wouldn’t be considered telesales. In this case, the Retail Sales role should be selected. Conversely, if a role involves working behind a trade counter and making deliveries to customers, Retail Sales and Driving should be selected.
It is important to note that even if a Candidate doesn’t choose a particular job sector, this will not prevent the Vacancy being displayed, if it is also included in a sector they have chosen. In the 2nd example above, if a Candidate has selected Retail Sales, the job will be displayed, whether or not they have selected Driving. If they have selected both sectors, the role would appear higher up their ‘Top Vacancies’ list.

Job Sectors

Title Description Examples
Retail Leisure (Front of house) serving customers • waitress
• bartender
• receptionist
Retail Leisure (other) retail outlets • kitchen staff
• housekeeping
Retail Sales store assistant • clothes shops
• supermarkets
Office (Telephone) Desk based using a telephone • tele-sales
• customer services
Office (Administrative) non-customer facing • accounts assistant
• office clerk
Manual Work more physical work that may require the use of specialist tools • office cleaner
• plumbers mate
Driving Anything from bicycles to tractors • courier
• food delivery
Other Any job that isn’t covered above • Santa Claus