Keep your long established business looking new.

In the wake of last week’s tragic Germanwings airliner crash, a conversation with friends covered various aspects from the shock, confusion and anger felt by the victim’s families, friends and loved ones to airline safety. I was asked why some aircraft are in service for 40 yrs. Although not relevant to that particular aircraft, I explained that, technically, a 40yr old liner is not necessarily that age.
To use an  example;
Only Fool And Horses, is an iconic British Comedy series.  In one particular episode, “Trigger” is telling his group of friends that his broom is 25 yrs old, despite the handle and broom head having been replaced several times. It’s comedy gold and its impact is lost in my delivery but my two stories, with contrasting results, have similar parallels.
Long established businesses often change and evolve with time, much like an old air liner and Trigger’s broom.
Some aircraft will have had panels, wings, instrumentation, engines, fuel tanks and landing gear replaced and a number of internal re-fits to meet improving air safety.
The original founder, staff, products, service and possibly location, may have changed for a long-standing business. Is it still the same business? Of course it is.
The foundation on which the business was established, remains the same but, how long can it survive?
The longevity of any business will depend on how it adapts to change, it’s resilience and fortitude through hardship, adversity and its vision to embrace new recruitment methods, like, its working practices and technology.
Maintaining your market share and expanding, demands the wisdom, experience and customer care of an old soul. Balance this with creative passion and vision for introducing new technologies, like Social Media, Networking, Digital Marketing and Adaptive Advertising.
Businesses who view these technologies as “Fads” rather than “Fundamental Fashion”, will lose ground in the face of emerging competition.
Younger companies like, Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba, are constantly changing on an almost day by day basis to maintain their stronghold.
No matter how small your business, without a website and some interaction with online Social Media,  you’re pretty much lagging behind in the wake of Tech and Media-hungry competition.
What are your thoughts and opinions?