Entering Background Information

Your background information can be the most important factor for many Employers, so it’s vital that you get the message across, as clearly and concisely as possible. The four main areas require slightly different approaches but in general these same rules apply: –

  • Keep it short
  • Avoid jargon
  • Be consistent
  • This is no place for artistic flare

You’ll have other opportunities to express your creativity, which we cover in more detail on our post 10 Creative Ways To Ask For A Job, this is about getting boxes ticked. Employers have chosen mywhirld because it offers a quick and efficient method to gather a shortlist of suitable Candidates. You need to ensure you make it onto that shortlist.
If you are genuinely suitable and your presentation remains consistent with other Candidates, the Employers role will be easier and you’re less likely to get rejected.


School/College/University attended – from-date to to-date
– Subject – level – grade achieved;
Always start with the most recent and work backwards


Language – proficiency;
For proficiency, they are just looking for your level of competence, not qualifications, so it’s Beginner, Conversational, Fluent or Natural

Employment History

Company (& location if relevant) – position – from-date to to-date – Description of roles & responsibilities;
Always start with the most recent and work backwards

Hobbies & Interests

Subject – description;


Brighton University – 10/2013 to present
– Bio-mechanical engineering – degree – 2.1 (expected);
Maidstone Grammar School – 09/2006 to 06/2013
– Maths – A-Level – A
– Physics – A-Level – B
– Biology – A-Level – A
– Maths – GCSE – A*
– Physics – GCSE – A
– Biology – GCSE – A*
– English – GCSE – A*
– French – GCSE – B
– Latin – GCSE – B;

French – Conversational;
German – Beginner

Employment History
Costa Coffee (Brighton) – Barista – 01/2014 to present;
Beefeater Restaurant (Thomas Wyatt, Maidstone) – waiter – 11/2010 to 07/2013 – waiting tables;
Kent Pharmaceuticals – Research assistant – 06/2014 to 10/2014 – Paid work experience, collating and filing research papers;

Hobbies & Interests
Rugby – Played regularly for school 1st XV;
Robotics – Building robots with Arduino & Raspberry Pi for competitions in local club;