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About Us
The recruitment process has become a minefield. Both employers and jobseekers recognise that a recruitment agency’s main goal is to earn a fee. Ensuring that a Candidate is of a suitable calibre by accurately matching their skills to the business requirements, is often not even a consideration. Many hours are wasted in interviews where the Candidate is just not appropriate for the role. This is a cost, to both the business and the jobseeker, in time and money. By more accurately matching Candidates and Vacancies and connecting the Candidate to the Employer directly, mywhirld seeks to avoid this frustrating aspect of the recruitment process.


Our Automated Candidate Matching Engine (ACME) uses sophisticated matching algorithms to ensure that Candidates are only informed about the Vacancies that suit their requirements and vice versa. As well as taking into account the Candidate’s profile, ACME will learn their preferences from the way they interact with the system and adapt the matching to suit. The more Vacancies and Candidates that go through the system, the smarter it becomes, so even when there are thousands of Candidates applying for each Vacancy, the most suitable will rise to the top.

What does it cost?

The standard service, which has no restrictions whatsoever, is totally free. There are a number of add on features in the planning, which will be chargeable. For example, one of the features, to be introduced later this year, will allow companies to actively search for Candidates outside the mywhirld network. Another will allow Candidates to enhance their profile by providing active links to their referees.

What makes mywhirld different?

Put simply, we’re not in it for the fee. When Bryan Parsons, Founder & CEO, first decided to create mywhirld, it was because he was frustrated by the divide that has developed between Candidates & Employers. A divide that is perpetuated by a multi-billion dollar industry that has greed and self-interest at heart. Of course, mywhirld is a commercial organisation and as such, needs an income but we all believe this can be done from peripheral services, such as advertising and the add-on features.

A few things mywhirld will always endeavour to do: –

  • Promote integrity, honesty and mutual respect;
  • Provide a service that remains totally transparent to all users;
  • Offer support and advice through our published articles;
  • Continually improve our services with the needs of both Employer and Candidate at heart;
  • Listen.

And most importantly, mywhirld will never charge for the simple process of advertising or searching for jobs.