Bryan Parsons

Bryan Parsons is a British and South African  National.
Beginning a career in the military, he has worked in several countries, in highly diverse businesses and cultures. His “self-taught” skill is highly effective, while his experience is equally diverse and brings a broad spectrum of skills to My Whirld’s future developments.

After a motorcycle crash, on the Roof of Africa Rally in 1991, Bryan was left with a paralysed arm and few options. His surgeon was recommending amputation but extensive research lead him to a Consultant Lecturer on Orthopaedics, who was prepared to accept him as his guinea pig, for ground-breaking surgery.

Although only partially successful, as he still has limited movement in his right arm, he’s lead a far more active life than most. His hobbies include climbing and mountain biking, for which he has competed in a 24 hour solo race and is also a qualified tree surgeon.

Bryan devised an original concept in April 2014. By July 2014, the concept had evolved into something much greater and mywhirld was born. MyWhirld Ltd was founded in September and website development began immediately.